What is the use of Bridge?

Bridge is an add-on feature available in our Hello Kite and Hello Upstox applications.

Bridge is for those users who just want to connect their existing trading system (coded in AFL, VBA etc) with their trading account through API. Bridge can be used to connect 3rd party charting software’s (like AmiBroker, Excel etc) with our Hello Kite and Hello Upstox applications.

Bridge is required only if you use 3rd party charting/analysis software’s (like AmiBroker, Excel etc) to generate Buy/Sell signals. If you have not installed Bridge, then refer this article for Hello Kite v2.0 setup and this for Hello Upstox v2.0 setup.

With Bridge, the below things are possible from your favorite TA Software (like AmiBroker, Excel etc);

  • Place/Modify/Cancel/Exit orders
  • Get real-time position details like MTM and NetQty
  • Paper Trade
  • Get extended price fields like VWAP, Total Buy/Sell quantity in AmiBroker
  • Get Previous Day Open/High/Low/Close/Volume/Open Interest+
  • Get Average Range and Volume!
  • Get Annual and Daily Volatility*
  • Email Alerts for Orders and Positions
  • Get order details like status, filled price etc
  • Get symbol details like Tick size, Lot size etc


  • API Subscription from Zerodha or Upstox
  • Trading System

Supported TA Software’s:

  • AmiBroker
  • Microsoft Excel
  • MetaTrader
  • NinjaTrader
  • Any Windows Application which supports COM


List of Functions Supported by Bridge:

+ Data available for NSE Equity and FnO stocks only.
! Calculated on 3-month period, available for Nifty200 stocks only.
* Data available for NSE stocks only. The data is complied from various open sources, hence data accuracy can not be guaranteed.

*Basic Email support (limited to issues/bugs in software) is free and maximum respond time is 2 working days. Demo is available on request, for appointment, mail to help@howutrade.in. We will provide Bridge documentation and sample AFL/VBA codes only, you have to add the Bridge code in your trading system as per the documentation/sample. We will not support issues/bugs in your trading system. For all API related issues/queries, please contact your stock broker or visit API developer forum. No refund will be provided. Bridge subscription will be linked to your client id. Change of client id (transfer of subscription) is not permitted.

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  1. If i am subscribe to your bridge… After that can you guide me how to integrated bridge with excel and Amibroker..?

  2. @Vijay,

    We will provide only sample AFL and VBA codes, list of functions supported by the Bridge.
    You should have a trading system coded in AFL or VBA which generates valid and correct signals.

  3. Avatar Bhaskar

    i am not using any of the Bridge function, All coding is done using Excel VBA, will this affect for 1. Login 2. Order Placement to Kite etc ?

    1. Bridge functions are meant for placing orders from external software’s like AmiBroker, MetaTrader etc. Not using Bridge function will not affect Login or Order placement using Kite/Upstox class.

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