Is it possible to place order from AmiBroker?

Yes, it is now possible to Place Order from AmiBroker, not only just order placement, you can

  • Modify/Cancel/Exit orders
  • Get real-time position details like MTM and NetQty
  • Paper Trade
  • Get extended price fields like VWAP, Total Buy/Sell quantity in AmiBroker
  • Get Previous Day Open/High/Low/Close/Volume/Open Interest+
  • Get Average Range and Volume!
  • Get Annual and Daily Volatility*
  • Email Alerts for Orders and Positions
  • Get order details like status, filled price etc
  • Get symbol details like Tick size, Lot size etc

If you are new to API Trading, then please check out this article ‘Why we need Trade API in short?’ and watch our video’s to know more about API Trading.

You can use our Hello Kite/Upstox and Bridge to connect AmiBroker trading systems with your trading account through API.

If you are new to Algo Trading, then try exploring the strategies at We already have some famous strategies coded in VBA/AFL (like ORB, Levels Breakout, Supertrend etc). You can use these strategies to get started quickly or use as a reference to build your own strategy. We will periodically add new strategies and codes that are available in public domain.

+ Data available for NSE Equity and FnO stocks only.
! Calculated on 3-month period, available for Nifty200 stocks only.
* Data available for NSE stocks only.

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