Why we need Trade API in short?

If you are new to Algo Trading, then please check out this article on ‘Algo Trading’

How one can Buy or Sell a stock and what are the options available?

1.Through CallnTrade facility provided by Broker
2.Through Broker’s Terminal (Ex: Pi, Nest Trader, Now etc)
3.Through Broker’s Web Portal (Ex: kite.zerodha.com, pro.upstox.com etc)

Yes, there exists only 3 options to place a trade.
WHAT IF I want to place a trade from other applications (Ex: Excel, AmiBroker, MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, Python, C#, PHP, Java etc)?
The answer is Trade API. With API, you can place order from any applications/programs which supports HTTP protocol. Not only just order placement, you can even build your own trading terminal. With API, you have full access to your trading account details.

Example Scenario where we need API:
1. As you know investors are traditionally using MS excel to manage their portfolio. With API, they can track their portfolio in real-time and exit/add stocks to their portfolio.
2. Exit all open positions when day’s profit or loss reached.
3. Execute option strategies i.e. multiple orders in one go.
4. Build your own options chain with customization.
5. Store the real-time data for back-test and future analysis.
6. Run multiple strategies on Multiple symbols.
and the scope of API is unlimited…….

Cost of Trade API:
Cost will be anywhere between Zero to Rs2500/- depends on Broker. Below is a short list of brokers and their charges as on writing this article.

Zerodha : Rs 2000/month
Upstox : Rs 885/month
AliceBlue : Free*
Interactive Brokers : Free+

* Introductory offer. AliceBlue will be releasing their API soon, DotNet library will be made available once the API is released.
+ DotNet Library for IB API is in our planned product Road Map.

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  1. Avatar Nilesh

    Based on this article, I registered with AliceBlue.

    Disappointed to note, there is no download link to the api to connect to aliceblue. I think that this article is misleading and it is done on purpose.

    1. Hi Nilesh,
      We just tried to explain why we need API and who are the brokers currently offering API service, but it doesn’t mean that we offering DotNet Library for all the Broker API’s listed above.
      BTW, AliceBlue is working on their API, will be out soon. Once they release API, we will also release our DotNet library for AliceBlue.

  2. Hi Choks,

    I need some help with the code. can you share your email id where we can discuss or share your email id @ the following address mgrover00799″at”gmaildotcom

  3. Avatar Sudheer

    is alice excel in scope from howutrade?? if so when can we expect it/

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