Why do we need Hello Upstox/Hello Kite?

It is a Hello world Trading platform (sample) built with our DotNet libraries to help developers to get started quickly. This hello world platforms includes all basic functionalities of a traditional trading platform like market watch, order window, admin positions, order book etc.

With this we have shown how to build your own trading platform with Trading API.

It is not an algo or Buy/sell software.

For Developers:
Developers can add/modify/delete features as required or code their own algo over our Hello world app.

For Others:
They can just use as it is, like use as a front end to receive  order alerts from Excel, AmiBroker, Meta Trader and Ninja Trader etc.

If you are new to API Trading, then please check out this article ‘Why we need Trade API in short?’ and watch our video’s to know more about API Trading.

If you are new to Algo Trading, then try exploring the strategies at https://codeadvisor.in/code-advisor/. We already have some famous strategies coded in VBA/AFL (like ORB, Levels Breakout, Supertrend etc). You can use these strategies to get started quickly or use as a reference to build your own strategy. We will periodically add new strategies and codes that are available in public domain.

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