Microsoft Excel Settings

The below settings must be done in MS Excel to use our Hello Kite and Hello Upstox application.

Enabling Macros:

  • Open Trust Center : Office Button –> Excel Options –> Trust Center
  • Open Trust Center Settings : Trust Center –> Trust Center Settings
  • Macros Settings: Select ‘Enable all macros’
  • ActiveX Settings: Select ‘Enable all controls without restriction’ and uncheck ‘Safe mode’
  • External Content: Select ‘Enable All Data Connections’ and ‘Enable Automatic Update for all workbook links’

Changing RTD throttle interval:

By default, Excel will request real time data from RTD server at an interval of 2 seconds. Who wants to lag behind by 2 seconds in the stock markets where the prices are changing in micro seconds?

We will change the throttle interval to 0, so that Excel will update quotes in real time.

To Change RTD Interval:

  • In Excel, go to the Visual Basic Editor by pressing ALT+F11
  • Once you are in Visual Basic Editor, Press CTRL+G to open Immediate Window
  • Once you are in Immediate Window, Type the below command and Press enter
  • Application.RTD.ThrottleInterval = 0

To Check whether the interval is updated or not:

  • Type the below command in Immediate Window and Press enter
  • ? Application.RTD.ThrottleInterval
  • The above command will return 0; if not 0 again set the interval as mentioned above

P.S. Please note, if you are downloading Excel files from untrusted or unknown  sources, then before opening those files, scan with your anti-virus and disable the Excel macros for safety. Macro-Enabled excel workbooks are used to spread virus, so please download excel files from trusted sources only.

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