Hello Kite v2.0 Setup

Steps involved

1. Kite API Subscription
2. Hello Kite Installation
3. Initial Settings and Login

Kite API Subscription:

  • Login to Kite developer console at https://developers.kite.trade
  • Add necessary credits using Payment Gateway or use balance from your trading account.
  • Create New App
  • Type: Connect
  • App Name : As required (Ex: My App)
  • Zerodha Client Id : Your client Id (Ex: AB1234)
  • Redirect URL : https://zerodha.com
  • Postback URL : Leave blank
  • Description : As required (Ex: My Trading API)
  • Click on Create
  • Rs 2000 will be deducted and your API subscription with 30 days validity will be created

Hello Kite Installation:

  • Download Hello Kite Setup from https://codeadvisor.in/trading-apps/
  • Right click on the setup file and select Run as Administrator
  • Follow the install instructions.
  • When asked, press ‘Yes’ to register Howutrade’s code signing certificate
  • Once installed successfully, you will get success message.
  • A Desktop shortcut will be created for Hello Kite v2.0

Initial Settings and Login:

  • Right click on the Hello Kite v2.0 shortcut and select Run as Administrator.
  • Click on Settings button to open Settings window.
  • Copy your Api Key, Secret and Redirect Url from developer console and paste in the relevant box of settings window.
  • Click on Save button to save settings.
  • Click on Login Button.
  • A small web browser will open, enter your credentials and login.
  • On successful login, the browser window will close automatically.
  • Do not close the browser window manually.
  • Wait for the symbol download to finish.

Video version of this article is available here

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