Hello Kite v2.0 Setup

Steps involved

1. Kite API Subscription
2. Hello Kite Installation
3. Excel and Internet Explorer Settings
4. Initial Settings and Login

Kite API Subscription:

  • Login to Kite developer console at https://developers.kite.trade
  • Add necessary credits using Payment Gateway or use balance from your trading account.
  • Create New App
  • Type: Connect
  • App Name : As required (Ex: My App)
  • Zerodha Client Id : Your client Id (Ex: AB1234)
  • Redirect URL : https://zerodha.com
  • Postback URL : Leave blank
  • Description : As required (Ex: My Trading API)
  • Click on Create
  • Rs 2000 will be deducted and your API subscription with 30 days validity will be created

Hello Kite Installation:

  • Download Hello Kite Setup from https://codeadvisor.in/trading-apps/
  • Right click on the setup file and select Run as Administrator
  • Follow the install instructions.
  • When asked, press ‘Yes’ to register Howutrade’s code signing certificate
  • Once installed successfully, you will get success message.
  • A Desktop shortcut will be created for Hello Kite v2.0

Excel and Internet Explorer Settings:

Initial Settings and Login:

  • Right click on the Hello Kite v2.0 shortcut and select Run as Administrator.
  • Click on Settings button to open Settings window.
  • Copy your Api Key, Secret and Redirect Url from developer console and paste in the relevant box of settings window.
  • Click on Save button to save settings.
  • Click on Login Button.
  • A small web browser will open, enter your credentials and login.
  • On successful login, the browser window will close automatically.
  • Do not close the browser window manually.
  • Wait for the symbol download to finish.

Video version of this article is available here

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  1. Avatar faraz

    Hi ,

    Thanks for the amazing work , can this be installed as instructed on an AWS windows VPM ?

  2. Avatar Faraz

    Hello ,

    I have made a complete system of algo trading with your kiteXL , but now i face some issues .

    On the 5th Dec 19 , the ohlc levels are different to those being shown on the zerodha kite terminal ,whereas it was almost the same on other days . Is this an zerodha issue ?

    Secondly if there is some lag with the api feed from the broker , does this have any latency checker or can we get ticker timestamp in excel so that atleast then i can calculate the right ohlc values.

    Your earlier version used to store ticker timestamp for each tick in an notepad , which UDF do i use to get ticker value and its timestamp

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    You guys are doing a great job empovering retail traders like me to undestand algo trading

    1. @Faraz,

      KiteNet just returns whatever the data received from Kite server, if you see OHLC mismatch, then you may contact kite developer team with full details.

      You can easily check tick latency in seconds(appx).
      Just get the last update time in a cell
      A1=GetRTD(“NSE”, “AXISBANK”, “LUT”)
      B1 = (Now() – A1)*86400

      Tick Logs is available only for our Bridge users.
      But as a developer, you can easily log the ticks received with simple UDF.

      Pls post your future queries at

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