Why we need Trade API in short?

If you are new to Algo Trading, then please check out this article on ‘Algo Trading’ How one can Buy or Sell a stock and what are the options available? 1.Through CallnTrade facility provided by Broker 2.Through Broker’s Terminal (Ex: Pi, Nest Trader, Now etc) 3.Through Broker’s Web Portal (Ex: […]

Simple example to place order from Microsoft Excel

If you are new to API Trading, then please check out this article ‘Why we need Trade API in short?’ and watch our video’s to know more about API Trading. This article is meant for developers/programmers, if you are a normal retail trader, then check out our Bridge article. You […]

Trade symbol format for Equity, Futures and Options?

The most important parameter that one should know while trading through API is the ‘TRADE SYMBOL’. Trade symbol will differ for each segment, you can construct the trade symbol as per the format given below; 1. EQUITY: For EQUITY series, the trade symbol will be the name of the stock […]

Restrict multiple order firing in Excel VBA

Below VBA code can be used to restrict multiple order firing. We use dictionary keys to store the ‘Order Placed Status’ and check this key, before placing next order. With this code one can place Buy and Sell orders alternatively. You need to add reference to ‘Microsoft Scripting Runtime’ in […]

How to automate Web Login using VBA?

Web Login can be automated using VBA. Below code automates Upstox API login using VBA and Internet Explorer. Developers can modify the code as per their requirement. Note: As Auto Login needs to store your credentials in VBA as plain text, you should take utmost care to protect the credentials. […]