Characteristics of a good AFL code

Characteristics of a good AFL code Declared variables Buy/Sell/Short/Cover and assigned correct logic’s Declared variables BuyPrice/SellPrice/ShortPrice/CoverPrice and assigned correct values. (Assigning wrong price value will give wrong back-test results) Buy/Sell/Short/Cover signal comes at the last bar (If no signal at last bar, then If (LastValue(Buy)) will fail, hence no order […]

VBA Compile error after Update

You may get one or all of the below mentioned errors (or no error notification at all, but excel workbook may not work) after updating our software’s/Libraries (Hello Kite v2.0, Hello Upstox v2.0, KiteNet, UpstoxNet). This article may look lengthy but the procedure is very simple and the terms/examples used […]

Telegram Bot for Order and Position updates

We have added support for real time order and position updates through Telegram Bot. You need to join our Bot in order to receive real time updates. Our Telegram Bot Name is HutAlertsBot How to Join: 1. Install Telegram app from Google Play Store and sign up (if not installed […]

Internet Explorer Settings

Since, the in-built Web-browser control uses Internet Explorer; the following sites must be added to Trusted Sites in Internet Options to use our Hello Kite and Upstox applications. https://* https://* https://* https://* https://* [Your Redirect URL] Adding Trusted Sites: Open Internet Options: Control Panel –> Network and Internet –> Internet Options […]

Microsoft Excel Settings

The below settings must be done in MS Excel to use our Hello Kite and Hello Upstox application. Enabling Macros: Open Trust Center : Office Button –> Excel Options –> Trust Center Open Trust Center Settings : Trust Center –> Trust Center Settings Macros Settings: Select ‘Enable all macros’ ActiveX Settings: Select ‘Enable all […]

Pegged to Market Order using VBA

Pegged to market orders are frequently used by traders and scalpers in volatile markets, because they provide the opportunity to get the best possible price when buying or selling a security. Peg orders are based on the Best Bid and Ask. The Best Bid is the highest price a trader […]

User Defined Function (UDF) to get Trade Symbol for Options

Below UDF can be used to get trade symbol for weekly and monthly options. Click here to know more about Trade Symbol format for various segments. Syntax: GetOptionTradeSymbol(Symbol,Strike,OptType,Expiry) Example usage: =GetOptionTradeSymbol(“BANKNIFTY”,26200,”CE”,”30-May-2019″) OR =GetOptionTradeSymbol(“BANKNIFTY”,26200,”CE”,DATE(2019,5,30)) Public Function GetOptionTradeSymbol(ByVal Symbol As String, ByVal Strike As Double, ByVal OptType As String, ByVal Expiry As […]

Excel formula to get Weekly Options Trade Symbol

To know more about the trade symbol format for various market segments, please refer this link. Below excel formula can be used to get weekly options trade symbol. =[SYMBOL]&TEXT([EXPIRY],”yy”)&IF(MONTH([EXPIRY])=10,”O”,IF(MONTH([EXPIRY])=11,”N”,IF(MONTH([EXPIRY])=12,”D”,MONTH([EXPIRY]))))&TEXT([EXPIRY],”dd”)&[STRIKE]&[OPT]   Example: A3 = BANKNIFTY B3 = 21-Apr-2019 C3 = 25000 ‘CE Options D3 = A3&TEXT(B3,”yy”) &IF(MONTH(B3)=10,”O”,IF(MONTH(B3)=11,”N”,IF(MONTH(B3)=12,”D”,MONTH(B3)))) &TEXT(B3,”dd”)&C3&”CE” ‘PE Options E3 […]

Hello Upstox v2.0 Setup

Steps involved 1. Upstox API Subscription 2. Hello Upstox Installation 3. Excel and Internet Explorer Settings 4. Initial Settings and Login Upstox API Subscription: Login to Upstox developer console at Make sure you have sufficient balance in your trading account for API charges. Create New App Select: API Trading […]

Hello Kite v2.0 Setup

Steps involved 1. Kite API Subscription 2. Hello Kite Installation 3. Excel and Internet Explorer Settings 4. Initial Settings and Login Kite API Subscription: Login to Kite developer console at Add necessary credits using Payment Gateway or use balance from your trading account. Create New App Type: Connect App […]